Personal Perspectives

One of the best ways to get a sense of what the Stover Scholars Program is all about is to hear from the people who are experiencing it every day.

“As a teacher, I help my students look at every angle of an issue, and consider every position−including those which they disagree. I try to replicate the fascinating discussions that were part of my own experience in law school.”

Dr. Lawrence Stratton, Director of the Stover Center

“The program has provided me with phenomenal benefits—then as a student, and now in my work at the White House.”

Daniel Czajkowski, Former Congressional Aide and White House Staffer

“The Stover program changed the course of my life. When I came to Waynesburg, I had no intention of pursuing a career as a lawyer. Despite my passion for the law, I could not find a way to reconcile my faith with my perception of what a legal career would entail. Under the guidance of Dr. Stratton and my interactions with Stover guests and my fellow scholars, however, I began to see how Christianity and the law can interact. As a result, I am now pursuing my J.D. and hope to enter into a legal career that is fueled by my faith.”

Gina Robinson, Stover Scholar Alumna

“The Stover Program for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is a unique opportunity for individuals to understand the constitutional and moral foundations our country was built upon and how they are intertwined. Stover Scholars will leave the program with once and a lifetime experiences and be prepared to apply the insights gained to their sphere of influence!”

Zander Shashura, Senior Financial Analyst, UPMC

“I could write a lot about how great the Stover program was. A few things that stand out to me as I look back were the amazing people we were able to meet and the places we were able to visit. The Washington D.C. trips were awesome experiences. My time at Waynesburg was much more enjoyable because of the Stover Program.”

Patrick Kopas, Infantry Rifleman, Specialist, U.S. Army

“The Stover Program was beneficial to me in numerous ways, from learning more about our Constitution to how to mingle in a room full of strangers. I made friends from across the country that I still keep in touch with to this day. It was a great experience that I will treasure always, and I have the Stover Program to thank for that!”

Madeline Loring, Kindergarten Teacher, Carmichaels Area School District

“I would not be where I am today without the Stover program. For those willing to keep an open and critical mind, it provides a conceptual framework that makes future experiences more accessible, and attainable. Most importantly, the Stover program opened doors that I previously did not know existed. For those willing to put in the work, the Stover program provides many incredible tools and opportunities for you to achieve whatever one may desire to achieve. It is a great experience to be part of a group of people engaged in the world. It is a truly unique experience to be able to engage in open, thorough discourse with that same group.”

Anthony Cooper, Third Year Law Student, Tulane University Law School

“The Stover Scholarship Program goes far beyond financial aid. You’ll gain transferable skills and lifelong connections while meeting with prominent figures and discussing current issues. The experience will help your resume stand out and make for an interesting conversation in your future interviews.”

Karen Moyer, Monitoring and Enforcement Specialist, IP Services
Mollie Pugh

“The Stover program was such a financial blessing to me during my time at Waynesburg. However, I had a difficult time understanding why I, a future teacher, was selected for the program and how it would benefit me. As I enter into my third year as a government teacher, I understand why I was chosen for the Stover program. I have been able to share with my students my experiences with the Stover Program to offer them real life application that a curriculum could never provide. This includes our visits with various Supreme Court Justices, federal judges, Congressmen and even entrepreneurs. I believe that these experiences make me stand out amongst my colleagues and I will continue to incorporate them into my classroom.”

Mollie Pugh, High School Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools
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