Profile of Scholars

The Stover Program attracts some exceptional individuals—young people who are able, ambitious, and eager to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Luke Diel

Punta Gorda, FL
Political Science

“Over the past years in the Stover Program, I have been able to grow and expand my knowledge in Government, Law, and Politics. In meeting with Supreme Court Justices, Lawmakers, Policy Advisors to the President, Top Lawyers, and more, the Stover Program has been able to put myself in a unique opportunity that is unmatched. While challenging myself in this program, I have been able to secure multiple internship opportunities, including a Congressional Internship in Washington D.C. Lastly, my experience in the Stover Program has prepared me for Law School all while creating lifelong friendships and relationships.”

Cannon Hay

Berlin, PA

“In an ever changing world that we live in, there are certain individuals that have an opportunity to make something of themselves in order to change it. That is what I hope to achieve as a Stover Scholar. Our saying, transforming the polis, is one we hold very dear to all of us. For me, I would like to use my experiences through Stover to learn from others and their experiences. This could be from a senator to one of my fellow Stover colleagues. I want to use those experiences and conversations to be a light in my community and future profession for many years to come while guiding the next generation of Stover Scholars to new heights.”

Ryan McCann

Crescent, PA
Political Science

“As a Stover Scholar who transferred into the program, the Stover Scholars that were here before me were a beckon of light and helped me tremendously as I acclimated into the University. Therefore, I would like to pass on this tradition of helping other Stovers integrate into the institution. Furthermore, I would like to continue the tradition of thorough and intellectually challenging discussions, as I believe the first step in transforming the polis begins with civil discussions.”

Alexandra Morar

Youngstown, OH
Political Science & History

“The Stover Program has been an absolute blessing in my life. As a senior, I hope the program will continue to expand my mind on how historical struggles and debates maintain precedence in shaping our world today. Whether we are meeting with insightful speakers, reading about economics and Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, or dissecting the various opinions of prominent American figures, I feel that the program has greatly enhanced my knowledge and appreciation of incorporating morals into our modern society. I cannot wait to see the level of growth my fellow scholars and I achieve this year.”

Jacob Nicholas

Chambersburg, PA

“Through the Stover Center I have been blessed with incredible opportunities to meet political, business and religious leaders from the Greater Pittsburgh region and Washington, D.C. I have had the opportunity to network and become lifelong friends with other highly ambitious individuals who encourage me to become the best I can be. My hope is to pass this tradition of striving to “Transform the Polis!” to the classes of Stover Scholars that follow me. I am thankful for this program and the opportunities it has provided, and I look forward to seeing how the program continues to flourish in the future.”

Alexander Wees

Irwin, PA
Environmental Science

“In the Stover Scholar Program, I hope to achieve a more well-rounded perspective on ethical and legal topics. With the wide variety of majors present in the program, each member brings a unique outlook on the world. Through discussions and meeting with important community members, we will learn how to better understand the world and what others have to offer.”

Tyler Wright

Weirton, WV

“The Bible tells us that to whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48). The Stover Program gives students like me an opportunity to hold discussions that will help us navigate the essential political and constitutional questions that we face today. I hope to use my experience in the program to live up to the mission of “transforming the polis”. To me, transforming the polis means making the world a better place through promoting thoughtful discussion and good government. I plan to accomplish both of those in the fields of law, politics, and business.”

Elliot Kimball

Hardwick, VT
History & Political Science

“Through the Stover Program, I hope to wrestle with the constitutional questions that occupy landmark jurisprudence, establish a network of connections that will help me maximize my potential in my career and education, and grow in a Christian faith that engages both my mind and my soul.”

Corey Richardson

Glenshaw, PA
Criminal Justice

“There is a great evil in this world, and it is always growing. There are those who help it expand, those who stand idly by, and those who fight back. The Stover Program gives me the resources and the opportunities to be one who fights. Learning to combine constitutional ideas with the Truth of Christianity enables me and my fellow students to mold society into a place where God and country are no longer enemies. Only then will we truly be able to make a better world, and I know this program will play a huge role in that.”

Rebecca Shank

East Berlin, PA

“The Stover Program is a one-of-a-kind program where bright students from a diverse range of academic disciplines can gather together and grow as moral leaders and political enthusiasts. I personally have loved the opportunities to engage in conversations with individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions in pursuit of developing my personal perspectives on current issues and events. I hope to continue becoming more well-rounded in my views as I explore how my passions for faith, psychology, philosophy and politics can be combined to transform the polis in positive ways.”

Ethan Lown

Lebanon, PA
Political Science

“Through the Stover Center, I hope to achieve an enlightened view of law, faith, and justice with both past and present implications. By discussing political and societal issues with a group of peers, I not only educate myself, but challenge my own beliefs as well. As an aspiring law school student, the wisdom I gain from graduates of the Stover program benefits me in my undergraduate education and motivates me to dream big. I am grateful for the opportunities the Stover Center has presented me, and I hope to continue to take advantage of this unique program.”

George Morar

Youngstown, OH
Political Science

“The Stover Scholars Program truly fulfills the vision of the late Dr. W. Robert Stover in developing successful leaders out of passionate students. There are various programs throughout the nation sharing similar end goals, but the opportunities I received are unmatched by the rest. Encountering influential leaders, studying Supreme Court case rulings, and exploring the philosophies of economic/political thinkers have each broadened my understanding of the Constitution’s role in shaping the country. Beyond feeding our aspiration toward leadership, Stovers form strong, supportive bonds which withstand the tests of time. The Stover Scholars Program is not a group of intellectual students; we are a family. No words can describe how thankful I am to be a member of such a prestige congregation of fascinating individuals. As a Stover Scholar, I hope to continue forwarding my progress towards changing the polis!”

Kaylee Boll

Lancaster, PA

“Through the Stover Center, I hope to grow in my knowledge of the government and the foundational documents that have so greatly shaped our country. I desire to develop deeper relationships with my peers by focusing on having meaningful discussions with them. Another desire of mine is to become more willing to share my opinions with others in a thoughtful manner. Lastly, I hope to take advantage of every opportunity that I am presented with, and by doing so gain a more extensive understanding of the world around me and equip myself to positively impact my community.”

Jason Polgar

Follansbee, WV
Political Science

“As a Stover Scholar, I hope to achieve a more in-depth understanding of the political and moral state of our country and the role that I play in reshaping the polis into greater Christ-centrality. I look forward to growing with a class of Stovers that is diverse in career field and opinion, and gaining a greater depth of knowledge, theory, and practice from my interactions with them. Through this program, I will become a scholar and citizen more in-tune to the needs of Americans from various walks and how Christ penetrates through all facets of our political and cultural debates.”

Caroline Poole

Greencastle, PA
Early Childhood Education

“While being in the Stover Program I hope to achieve a variety of goals, some pertaining to education and growth while others focus on relationships with those surrounding me. Through the Stover program I look forward to the many new opportunities I will be presented with, as well as becoming better educated on a variety of different topics. I am already grateful for the people I have met throughout this opportunity and am hoping to foster deeper and long-lasting friendships. This program has already been beneficial, and I look forward to achieving my various goals.”

Anna Rape

Cranberry, PA

“During my time at the Stover program I hope to learn more about my beliefs and how to voice them strongly. Already in my first few weeks I feel much more confident and more prepared to argue my individual preferences. I also look forward to all of the opportunities that will be available to me, especially our trip that we have the privilege to take to Washington D.C.”

Bryce Ronk

Rockford, MI
Forensic Science

“Through the Stover Center I hope to become a stronger public speaker, as this is a necessity in being able to sway people to take my side. Furthermore, as a future forensic scientist I would be called into court to testify against criminals with my findings. If I cannot speak in front of a crowds and speak with authority, going into this field would be a waist. Lastly, I strive to help my fellow Stovers in any way that I can. This group has already been an amazing influence on me, so I hope to return the favor.”

Kimberly Trump

Fairchance, PA

“Through the Stover program, I am aiming to expand my knowledge of not only the founding of our country, but of the legal policy I intend to study. Entering a group of informed individuals who are prepared to share their insights is incredibly encouraging and makes me even more excited to grow in this program. Another goal of mine is to deepen the newly formed relationships I have been fortunate enough to discover through this group of scholars. Shifting the narrative of professionalism towards a more moral and civil direction is a policy that I truly believe is possible through the Stover Center’s opportunities.”

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